​Garden landscaping ideas: Planning your garden from the start

Posted by Robledo on December 08, 2017

Speaking of not wasting costs, your budget will definitely depend on what you want to achieve in your garden. And even though additional factors (like garden size, materials, professionals, etc.) can alter the final price, here’s a rule-of-thumb guide on what you can create with your available finances.

No budget at all:A good cleaning and tidying-up of your garden is still possible. Overgrown shrubs can be pruned and self-seeded trees removed. You can edge the lawn, clear weeds in beds and on paths, and maybe even swap plants with friends / neighbours.

Up to £100: After completing all of the above, enhance your neat garden with some new plants or accessories. Otherwise, re-gravel and mulch planting beds with bark to fight weeds and retain soil moisture. You could even invest in some pretty, low-cost (or recycled) containers.

Up to £500:Here you can consider both building materials and plants. Lay down a few concrete slabs, re-turf the lawn, or even invest in some new garden furniture. 

Up to £1000: With this budget, you can consider bringing in professional help. It should be enough to cover about two days’ work by a skilled pro, plus materials for a new patio. 

£5000—£10,000:£5000 is sure to get you about a week’s work by an expert tradesperson or team, including the materials. If your budget is at the higher mark, a professional designer can let your garden pack a big punch in terms of visual appeal. Designers are usually paid around 15% of a budget. 

£10,000—£30,000:If you’re fortunate enough to have this for your garden landscaping, you can hire an expert designer and contractor to ensure your work is done to a specific standard. A 10m² garden can easily be treated to hard-surfacing, high-quality plants, barriers and extra features, plus there’ll be enough left over for designer fees.

But regardless of what budget you are blowing on your garden landscaping, step one should start with a clear idea and vision of what you want to achieve. Happy planning and planting!

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​Garden landscaping ideas: Planning your garden from the start

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