Get the look with these traditional bathroom ideas

Posted by Stafford on November 20, 2018

Even though the traditional bathrooms from yesteryear typically included a toilet, a basin and a bath, these are no written-in-stone rules. For a smaller space (which we see more and more these days), a simple water closet with toilet and basin will do just fine.  

Traditional-style toilets are usually available in either the compact close-coupled style (where the cistern is located right above the pan), or a high-level design with the cistern positioned on the wall above the toilet.

Traditional basins can be chosen in the ceramic pedestal style, as part of a vanity unit (with the basin neatly fitted into the top of a storage cupboard), or a console basin with a ceramic pan on top of a chrome console frame. 

For your traditional bath, consider either the standard rectangular style or a free-standing tub with four supporting legs. 

Just ensure that all your bathroom features match up in terms of look and style. Unlike the eclectic or modern style, a traditional bathroom prides itself on all its elements being carefully chosen to complement one another perfectly. 

Get the look with these traditional bathroom ideas

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