How to perfect your Christmas table decorations

Posted by Warden on May 05, 2017

Got a seating chart in mind? Place cards is a great way of ensuring strangers sit next to each other, creating the possibility of new friendships. But instead of a simple place card, tie a name card to each Christmas cracker, or write each guest’s name on a bauble with glittery marker pen before placing it on a plate or in a champagne / wine glass. 

For the napkins, you can go as subtle or as elaborate as you wish – that’s the great thing about being the host! To keep it simple, roll those napkins in napkin rings or tie each one with a pretty ribbon. To impress, we suggest looking up a YouTube video to fold your napkins into elaborate shapes like elf hats or turkeys. 

How to perfect your Christmas table decorations

How to perfect your Christmas table decorations Look. Whether you’ve got a handful of festive bashes to go to, or you want to pull out all the stops for your Christmas work do, the time has come to dust off your best dress and glam up your guise

How To Wrap Christmas Presents Perfectly. The next step makes all the difference when you’re trying to wrap Christmas presents perfectly! Take your thumb and your forefinger and create a nice crisp crease along the edge of the box that you just wrapped your paper over. Make sure to pull the paper tight around that edge first!

How To Get Ready For Christmas (with Pictures). Make a list and check it twice. It’s easy to get caught up in the holiday spirit so prepare a list and budget. Just because you have the perfect gift idea for your dad, doesn’t mean you should mortgage your home to get it for him.

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